Derivan Face paint Tool Kit

Derivan Face Paint Kit is an Australian made non-toxic paint, designed for safe use on the face and body. It is designed as a drama and theatre paint which can also be used for fetes, fairs, children’s parties and wherever face and or body painting is required. Derivan Face and Body paint is made to the highest standards and conforms to all government regulations and requirements. These brilliant colours are especially formulated with a cosmetic base to protect the skin. Water-based, non-oily. The paint will also wash off with soap and water. Used over barrier cream or hand moisturising cream. It can be left on for up to 6 hours. Keep the coats thin to avoid cracking.

The Derivan Face & Body Paint Toolkit is also an excellent start up set for anyone who is looking to earn a little extra cash at fetes or markets, or anywhere where you need to paint a lot of faces. In addition to 5 great colours, it also has everything needed to start including brushes, sponges, and sequins. An inspirational book with a considerable number of face painting ideas and techniques allows artists to develop their face painting repertoire. This kit contains 5 x 40ml paints in red, blue, yellow, white & black, 2 x sponges, 2 x brushes, 2 x packets of sequins, 1 x mixing /water jar, 1 x storage box & 1 x book with hundreds of great design & full instructions.


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Sponge Applicator (2)
  • Brushes (2)
  • Water Mixing Jar
  • Sequins Sachet (2)
  • Face Painting Book

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Derivan Face Paint Tool Kit